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School Admissions for September 2018

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school in September 2018.  

We know how daunting this process can be for both child and parents so we hope the following information will ease the transition.  

You will be receiving information from Essex County mid November on how to apply for your child's school place.  We are currently holding viewings of the school - if you would like to arrange a visit, please call the school office on 01376 326891 to arrange.

Applications need to be in by 15 January 2018 and you will be told what school your child has been allocated on 16th April 2018.  We will be writing to you in early May informing you of your class allocation, rocket teams and taster date.  A further letter will follow on from the taster day confirming your starting date and times.  School uniform is available to order from the school office but we will be hosting a School Uniform Open day in May 2018.  

If you have any queries, please do contact the school office who are always on hand to help.


  • White polo shirt/blouse
  • Grey trousers/skirt/tunic
  • Royal blue jumper/cardigan or Great Bradfords sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Blue gingham dress/grey shorts in summer
  • Black shoes or sandals

PE Kit:

  • T-shirt in their Rocket Team colour (you will be notified of this in advance)
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls (not laced)
  • Trainers
  • Blue tracksuit for outdoor PE
  • Named PE Bag

Useful Documents