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db primary

db primary is our "Virtual Learning Environment". It provides our children with a safe and secure way to access the internet and actvities the teachers believe will enhance their learning.

To access db primary all children and parents must use their unique username and password.  Should you lose these details or believe the password may have been compromised then please contact Mr Crow or Mrs Card who will issue another card.



At Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School we recognise the importance and usefulness of the internet.  We encourage the children to use libraries, databases, search engines, db primary and websites as part of their own research and class based lessons.  We therefore believe we are partly responsible in helping children be safe and responsible whenever they use technologies.  Internet access is provided through Essex County Council who provide a dedicated filtering service to all Essex schools.

The children are taught "e-safety" in all year groups and are reminded about the need to be safe and responsible whenever they are using the internet.  We place links to internet safety websites on db primary and send e-safety letters home to families encouraging them to use parental filters on home computers and encourage children to access the internet via db primary.

For more information of how you can keep your family safe online please follow the link below or contact Mr Crow.


RM Easimaths

We also use RM Easimaths