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School Governors are people from all walks of life with a wide range of previous experience, interests and expectations.

They are elected for a term of 4 years from teaching and non-teaching school staff as well as parents of pupils in the school.  Others are suggested by County Council and the local community.  Governors are volunteers from the school's community who, together with the Headteacher, set the future direction for the school and decide how the school's budget should be spent.

The Governing Board make decisions as a whole on matters, such as:

  • setting standards for pupils' behaviour
  • discipline and attendance
  • making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe
  • monitoring pupils'  progress and learning
  • school policies and
  • the school's plan for development over the next 3 years.

Governors monitor the school's performance through meetings, visits, discussions with pupils, parents and staff, and by looking at resources and displays to ensure these things (and more) are achieved.  No one Governor, apart from the Chair person, can act on their own.  They must keep specific information confidential.

Why do people volunteer to be a Governor?

Many will say it is in order to:

  • make a difference
  • give back to the community
  • make use of the skills built up over the years
  • support the school their children attend
  • support a school they themselves attended

What is involved in being a Governor?

When you agree to be a Governor in our school, you will be contacted by a Governor to talk about your new role.  For instance, you will need to be prepared to:

  • come to 2 meetings a term each lasting approximately 2 hours
  • visit the school during the day
  • learn more about being a Governor
  • share your skills and experience

Meet our Governors

Rod Lane - Chair

Rod is the Chair of Governors. He has special responsibilities for Literacy, extended schools and also undertakes termly Health and Safety checks.  


Anita Rogers - Staff Governor

Anita became the Headteacher of Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School in September 2016 

Holly Sandford - Staff Governor

Holly started at Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School in 2008, becoming a Staff Governor in November 2012.  She is married with two children and enjoys reading and swimming when time allowed!

Holly's special responsibilities as a Governor are Science and RE.  

Barry Crawford - Vice Chair

Recently retired as a solicitor after more than 40 years, though still active in the judicial system, Barry became a Governor in 2014.  He has responsibility for Child Protection and an interest in Child Care and Development.  Since moving to Braintree in 2013 Barry has started to develop new interests in the area, as well as the County Cricket Club. Previously a governor at a senior school in Chelmsford.  Barry now has five small grandsons.

Jo Mallows - Co-opted Governor

Jo has special responsibilities for the provision made for pupils with Special Educational Needs and for Equalities.  Jo is also the Training Link Governor as well as the Educational Visits Governor.

Jeremy Leong - e-governor

Jeremy is an e-governor, which means he attends all out meetings via Skype.  He is currently seconded to the Department for Education, within the Strategy, Performance and Implementation Group.

Claudia Gilbert - Co-opted Governor

Claudia's special responsibilities is Equality (including Pupil Premium), Early Years and Science.Claudia Gilbert - Parent Governor

Asifa Raheel - Parent Governor

Asifa became a Parent Governor in 2014 when her daughter started at Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School.   She is married with two children and enjoys spending time with family, reading and cooking.

Asifa is pleased to be a Parent Governor as it gives her great insight into the school.

Tony Gilbert - Parent Governor

Tony recently joined the Governing Board and has two children at the school.  Tony's special responsibilities include English and ICT.

Victoria Pilkington-Fox - Parent Governor

Victoria recently joined the Governing Board and has two children at the school.